Saturday, August 20, 2011

Travel Journal: Maine

Ode on the trinity of experiences of the noble Bald Eagle
Lake St George, ME / Aug 2011

(to KF & RH & ACW, and for my father)

A lone bald eagle flew directly overhead
as we lounged this afternoon on a float
at the edge of Lake St George –

He returned for another fly-by
and we watched those eagle eyes
scanning the lake –
limning for Loons
or other prey –
beak open,
ajar though hardly slack…

We beckoned the noble bird return,
called upon the talisman of majesty, freedom
and the indomitable spirit
reserved for few such creatures
and for some of the gods

(why else would we be said to have been made in their image
if not for such awe-inspiring moments…?)

The bald eagle returned,
the third pass a totemic omen, the
charmed third-time flight a sure sign of kinship and good fortune, an
ancient sacred tripod of season & order, of lineage, and
if one believes in such things,