Friday, December 31, 2010

Last-minute poem

Inspiration arrived just in time to make
the year-end deadline. Persistent as
memory your hair lingers, hangs on;
I cannot avoid it with any more
success than one can avoid tax evasion,
death or other irrevocable givens. What
dissonance Harry makes over there!
He too is relentless. Obsessive. Even
soft clocks tick tirelessly away.
Indefatigable may have been a better word
but risks pretension. As opposed to
forced lyricism which is what I would,
at gunpoint choose. Life?
Also still ticking. T minus 9 hours
(and change) till the resolutions take
effect. Just enough time to heighten
anticipation, raise expectations to the
levels last year had little chance of meeting.


Old Hindi Songs said...

Nice one....
Well written and interesting

Scott Williamson said...

Thank you--
I appreciate the comment!